Senior Companionship & Care – Golden Valley, MN

When finding companionship in Golden Valley, MN, choose a companionship company that you can trust!

In search of companionship services for your senior relative in Golden Valley, MN? Let SeniorAsset be your solution. Whether it’s providing respite companionship for a spouse facing dementia, regular check-ins for those lacking nearby family, or offering friendly visits to loved ones in memory care or assisted living facilities, we’re here to help.

Tyler Leonard, the dedicated owner and caregiver at SeniorAsset, assures a safe and knowledgeable option. With a wealth of experience in companion care, specialized dementia care, and certifications in CPR and dementia, Tyler prioritizes your loved one’s well-being. Each client is unique, and Tyler takes the time to understand their background, tailoring care to their preferences and needs.

SeniorAsset goes beyond companionship; we’re your go-to resource for additional support. From arranging medical appointment transportation to providing technology assistance, Tyler brings extensive experience to these services as well.

Our services include:

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