Senior Respite Care St. Louis Park, MN

What is “respite care”?  Respite care is when a caregiver provides temporary relief, or respite, for the normal caregiver.  It’s important for full time caregivers to have periodic respite.  It increases enjoyment and reduces stress and the risk of burnout.

Full-time caregivers often use me for respite care.  What does this look like?  It varies depending on the situation.  Maybe your spouse has mild Alzheimer’s and you are his full time caregiver.  He can be left alone for a short time but not an extended time.  You hire me twice a week for 2 hours to provide respite companionship while you run errands and get much needed you-time.  Maybe you only use me periodically when you go to medical appointments or have other longer outings.  A great feature of using SeniorAsset is that I’m happy to work with you to meet current needs and to change our schedule as needs change.

Respite care must fall under the scope of other services.  I’m happy to be a respite companion, prepare food, or take your loved one somewhere.  However, I can’t provide personal care, such as assistance with bathing and grooming.

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