Senior Companionship & Care St. Louis Park, MN

Companionship is my most popular service and can be a great option for those with dementia or other age-related conditions.  What is companionship?  Also referred to as “companion care”, companionship is when a caregiver spends time with a senior, chatting, playing games, or doing other activities.  It doesn’t involve anything hands-on; I cannot assist with bathing, grooming, or transfers.

Companionship is often a great fit for those with mild cognitive impairment (MCI), early and moderate Alzheimer’s, and other forms of dementia. Typically dementia clients fall in one of two categories:

  1. The spouse or other loved one needs respite: It can be difficult or impossible for a spouse or other loved one who lives with a person with dementia to get out and run errands, see friends, etc.  I can provide respite companionship so that you can continue to do your daily activities while knowing that your loved one is safe and in good company.
  2. The person with dementia lives by himself (typically in assisted living or memory care), and there may be no family in the area.  In this case a loved one may hire me to ensure that the person with dementia gets quality one-on-one time with a companion.

In addition to dementia clients, companionship can be a good fit for seniors living with strokes, mobility, sight, or hearing conditions, or those that are just lonely.

I tailor my services to the client’s needs, based on learning about the client from both him and his family.  One previous client simply wanted to go for a short walk and sit outside somewhere nice.  We would walk and then drive down to Bde Maka Ska and sit on a bench.  He loved it.  Another client enjoyed looking at construction.  We’d drive down to a nearby apartment building that was going up and look at the crane in action.  I see another client with whom I play catch and listen to his favorite bands.

A Few Great Features of Using SeniorAsset for Companionship Are:

You get the same caregiver every time

Larger home care agencies can do great work, but there is high turnover in the industry.  You can be forced to build rapport with new caregivers periodically.  I’m the only caregiver at SeniorAsset, so you get me every time.

Experienced & qualified caregiver

I have over two years of experience and have worked with a variety of clients including several with Alzheimer’s and a few with Lewy body dementia.  I’m dementia-certified through the Alzheimer’s Association and am CPR, AED, and First Aid certified through Red Cross.


SeniorAsset has a 1 hour minimum, but I’m happy to do longer visits as well.  You can use me multiple times weekly or only when you go out of town for check-in visits.

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