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At SeniorAsset, we strive to live up to our name. We want to be an asset for seniors, and that means more than just caregiving. Here are some resources that can be helpful for simplifying life and promoting independence. We'll continue to update this page as we evaluate more potential resources.


  • Grocery Delivery: Instacart is a service that delivers groceries to your house. You can stock your fridge without having to leave your house.  Pretty amazing! Instacart works with most local grocery chains and can be used on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

  • Meal Delivery: Mom's Meals is a meal delivery service that is designed for seniors. It includes a variety of affordable and nutritious refrigerated meal options. Mom's delivers meals to your house, and you just have to heat them up!

  • Restaurant Delivery Apps: Several cell phpartner with restaurants to deliver their food to customers. Not all restaurants use each service, so if you want 


  • Garage Door Repair: Roy Prieve with Garage Doors Plus is the best contractor our founder has worked with. We highly recommend him for any issue related to garage door systems.
    Phone: 763-560-2637

  • HVAC: Edina Heating and Cooling is a good contractor for HVAC issues. Their pricing is comparable to other companies, and they have good service. Once, the technician showed our founder how to fix the problem himself should it happen again.
    Phone: 952-922-3700


  • Robot Vacuum: Robotic vacuums can be a major timesaver. They clean automatically and only need to be emptied periodically. However, there are tons of options and it can be difficult to choose one. Our founder and his wife enjoy their Eufy Robovac 11s. Note: One downside of robot vacuums is that if you're in the room with it, you have to be careful not to trip on it. It does make a good bit of noise though, so you can tell where it is. You can also set it to run during times when you are not home.


  • Cell Phone: Mint Mobile is a great low-cost option for cell phone service. Their cheapest plan is $15/month for unlimited talk/text and 4GB of data. Mint is a MNVO provider, which means they use the cell towers of a major provider (T-Mobile) instead of having their own. In theory the downside to this is that your calls will be dropped first when T-Mobile's towers get busy. In practice, this has happened very rarely to our founder. If you'd like to save money on your cell phone bill and are not currently in contract with a major provider, Mint is a good option.

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