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Technology Help

Seniors hoping to set up a new piece of technology or learn how to better use an existing piece can often benefit from utilizing SeniorAsset.  I’ve set up new I-Pads (including data transfer from the previous I-Pad), new home phones, and printers.  I’ve helped seniors order plane tickets and set up auto-pay for bills.  I’ve organized passwords on Google Chrome and helped a client review his rental property statements on his online portal.  I helped one client send medical images online and another get better use out of his tablet.


While I can’t fix hardware issues, I’m generally able to assist with setup and troubleshooting other problems.  I’m also a patient teacher and am more than happy to show seniors how to use their devices.  Often I do a mix of these activities.  For instance, I may set up a printer and show my client how to print to it from his computer.


Often clients have a single technology issue that they need help with.  I’m happy to come one time, for a single hour (or more time if needed), to resolve the issue or complete setup.  Other times, clients may need multiple visits or ongoing help.  I’m happy to do this as well.




Founder/ Caregiver

Tyler grew up in South Carolina and came to Minnesota to attend college. After graduating from Carleton College with a degree in Economics in 2014, Tyler worked for several years as a Systems Analyst for a manufacturing company. Tyler got a concussion that didn't get better several years ago and was forced to change careers to something involving less computer time. He met a friend of a friend, who convinced him to start SeniorAsset.

Tyler has over 2 years of experience as a caregiver.  He's dementia-certified through the Alzheimer's Association and is CPR, AED, and First Aid certified through Red Cross. Tyler has managed his own health issues and can relate better to those further in the aging process than most people his age. He has experience working with a variety of senior clients, including:

  • Serving those with Alzheimer's / dementia, including companionship (chatting, play games, etc.) and providing respite for full-time caregivers.

  • Providing assistance with technology, including setting up auto-pay, transferring information from old I-Pads to new ones, and setting up cordless home phones.

  • Other activities such as cooking and providing round trip transportation to medical appointments.

When Tyler isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his wife, son, and friends, watching college football, and getting outdoors.

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